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The Moody Report LLC provides the personal observations in video format of former Missouri State Budget Director Jim Moody on the State Budget.  Moody is considered by many to be the fourth arm of Missouri government–the best outside budget expert.  Over the past 30 years, Jim Moody has been paid by political campaigns, colleges, K-12 education groups, the Kaiser Family Foundation. the casino gaming industry, and major business organizations for his analysis on policy and fiscal issues. 

The Moody Report LLC provides organizations with focused interest on Missouri government and its fiscal situation with the most current information and analysis.  Our updates offer the insights of the former Missouri Budget Director based on his more than forty years of doing budgets and writing a detailed analysis of key fiscal issues.

The Moody Report LLC provides at least a monthly budget and revenue update for subscribers.  We report on fiscal issues as they are happening.  This Report will also be focused on the subscriber who needs up to date and detailed revenue and budget information.  When you want the most current and detailed information, go to the best source, The Moody Report LLC.

Subscribers of the Moody Report receive timely and detailed overviews of fiscal issues from THE TOP OUTSIDE SOURCE on the Missouri State Budget.


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James Moody

Former Commissioner of Administration
Former State Budget Director

The report was produced by one of the state’s leading budget authorities, James R. Moody.

Moody has developed quite a following across the state, a following that crosses political lines and the rosters of special-interest groups. Last year his in-depth analysis of the crisis arising from the growing gap between spending and revenue was widely circulated. Gov. Bob Holden sent copies of Moody’s videotape presentation on the state budget to state agencies.

For the record, Moody currently runs a Jefferson City government-relations and consulting firm. He knows the financial details of state government like a jeweler knows the insides of a watch. He has been the state’s commissioner of administration and has served as the state’s budget director. He has been a top official with three agencies that rely on state funding.

So when Moody describes the need for machete-wielding policymakers in Jefferson City in his latest report, “Missouri’s Budget Problem: Causes and Possible Solutions,” he is relying on years of experience and is to be taken seriously.

Southeast Missourian

Editorial, March 2, 2003

“Our members trust Jim Moody for accurate information on state finances.  The Moody Report is essential for getting that information.”

Mike Reid

Associate Executive Director, Missouri School Boards Association

“It is hard to walk the Capitol halls with Jim Moody without a staffer, lobbyist, or elected official stopping Jim to ask budget or revenue questions.  Jim Moody is the go-to guy on state budget issues.”

Gerard Grimaldi